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the angel of my heart

26 Nov 2013

I love you so much
Every second of the day I think of you
You're the queen of my dreams,
And the angel of my heart.
I really never wanna lose you!!
I wanna die in you're arms.
You're so special for me, I can't
live without you.
You're my everything and no one can
change that.
You're perfect, You're sweet, You're beautifyl, You're fine,
I really want you to be mine!

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You Forgot Me...

24 Nov 2013

I will delete your number...
So I can't hear your beautiful voice.

I will delete your pictures...
So I can't see your pretty face.

I will delete your address...
So I can't come to your sweet home.


I can't delete you from my heart...
B'coz, you will always be in my heart.

I can't delete you from my mind...
B'coz, I can't stop thinking about You.

I can't delete you from my soul...
B'coz, you will always be a part of me.

For My Sweet Zuzana,
Your Levent.

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22 Nov 2013

For all the times
For all the cries
For all the pain i've caused
I apologize
Give me one more chance
Before you walk away

I know you have a million reasons
You've got to walk away
I let you down
But please just hear me out
Before you walk away

I've done wrong
You trusted me but i betrayed you
But still you love me
But can you forgive me

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I love you

22 Nov 2013

1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you ..

I love you !

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Heal my pain

10 Jul 2012

I am hungry for love and
thirsty for life
and much too full on the pain
when i look to the sky to help me
and sometimes it looks like rain
Sun please shine on me
and heal me of the pain

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06 Jul 2012

I swear to you, i'll be there for you.
You're in my heart forever and i'll never let you go.
We belong to eachother and we'll keep our promises till we die.
I'll never let you go my love, It's the truth.


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Dark side

06 Jul 2012

People warned me for you
Why I didn't listen?
People saw you dark side
Why I didn't?

I only saw the light that you let me shine
But the light was so bright that I was blinded by love
At the moment I was blind,
I saw how dark your dark side was...

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