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I am who i am.

14 Jan 2012

I am who i am.
I do what i do.
Nobody tells me how to move.
I live my life and i love you right.
And hope you’re the one i love the most in my life.

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14 Jan 2012

A feeling like this,
words can not explain.
To love someone so much,
that it drives me insane…

With you in my life
my heart feels so complete.
I’ve never been so in love.
You sweep me off my feet…

The way you kiss my fore head,
so sweetly in the night.
The way look into my eyes,
it’s never felt so right…

I love the way you hold me,
like you’ll never let me go.
I love to feel your lips,
as you kiss me soft and slow…

I’ve never felt this way.
The way I do with you.
To love some one so much,
that no one else will do…

You feel me with such happiness,
I can not help but smile.
Just to wake up next to you,
it makes my day worth while… ♥

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lucky man

05 Jan 2010

Sometimes just a little scared
But then I just close my eyes
Dreaming of you awaking lies
Just living the best I can
Hiding my fears cause I’m a lucky man

I’m so sure I want you here forever
But you sometimes push me away
Turn your back but I want to stay
Just living the best I can
Hiding my fears cause I’m a lucky man

I’m so afraid to lose you
Maybe I just hold you to tight
So I’m going to lose grip on you
But please don’t leave me tonight
And someday when I trust your love
Just living the best I can
No more fears cause I’m a lucky man

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It’s fine

14 Jan 2012

Not knowing you for a long time
But knowing it’s more then fine
I will be yours, and you will be mine

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30 Aug 2011


The first time I saw you,
you came to my domain.
The sun dint shine trough,
you where waiting in the rain.

I remember when we met,
I stood in front of you with a rose.
Your hair was wet,
and a droplet hanging from your nose.

You put your hand in mine,
and we walked down the lane
I thought it was very fine,
the two of us walking in the rain.

I remember the rain on your skin,
and a lovely smile on your face.
Dint know where to begin,
so we started to embrace.

Its all that I ever dream of,
its always in my brain.
Forever with you my love,
kissing in the rain.

I remember looking in your eyes,
and you whispering I love you in me ear.
I almost started to cry,
al because of you my dear.

We loved each other from the start,
and it will always be remain.
But somewhere in my heart,
I always will walk with you through the rain.

I love the rain.

Val. 12-06-2007

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Seeing her

30 Aug 2011

I saw her,
I fell In love,

I lost my sense,
I lost my mind,
I lost my sleep,
I lost my heart,

But I found the love of my life,
and one day I hope to make her my wife.

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Fear of darkness.

14 Jan 2012

Fear of darkness.

When day becomes night,
all colours fade away.
The world needs a light,
ore everything will be grey.

Now dusk falls over me,
no sunlight hits my eyes.
I cant start feeling free,
cause my heart still cries.

Something precious that’s bin broken,
so fragile it takes time to heal.
Many feelings left unspoken,
its very difficult to reveal.

Stuck for many ages,
in a dark cold well,
Locked up in different cages
and in the past I still dwell.

The darkness that I fear,
and my soul cant defend.
A nightmare so severe,
only the gods knows how it will end.

Snake 28-05-2007

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